Full List of All Services & Solutions

Instrument & Electrical Installation

No project is too small, no project is too large. Monarch Aviation can install a two place intercom or the latest glass cockpit, touch screen displays.

Platform Weighing

How close is your aircraft’s weight and balance ? After a paint job, the removal of an obsolete Loran and then avionic upgrade ? Close or dangerous ?

Electrical Repair, Testing & Troubleshooting

Suspect nav indicator, inop comm radio, no marker beacon lights, let us diagnose your problem.

Replacement Wire Harness Manufacture

Damaged harness or new homebuild equipment, Monarch Aviation can wire any of your avionic equipment with the correct wire and termination techniques, labeled and ready to be installed.


Transponder, Altimeter & Encoder Certification

Monarch Aviation can carry out the required twenty-four month transponder and altimeter inspection as required by FAR 91.411 and 91.413.

Engine & Fuel Monitoring Systems

Attention to detail is paramount when installing Primary and Secondary Engine monitoring systems. The mounting of probes and sensors has to be consistent so the information displayed is correct.

Refurbishment & Restoration

Monarch Aviation can bring your classic aircraft’s avionics into the twenty first century.

Custom Avionic Design & Installation

Come and see us so we can discuss what type of flying you do, your avionic options and let’s make sure you have the correct equipment for that task and a price point that you are comfortable with.

Project Highlight

New Avionics Equipment

Cockpit Upon Arrival

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Job In Progress

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Finished Cockpit

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